All Natural Dog Food

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In a perfect world we would all love to be able to feed ourselves and our family with all natural food. Science has shown time and time again that what we eat can affect our health and even can increase or decrease the likelihood of getting cancer and other serious diseases.

Your canine friend can’t really choose to eat healthily, so it’s up to the responsible owners to make wise choices. But what is all natural dog food?

Many brands claim to make it all natural, healthiest and so on… and in dog food comparisons some brands seem very attractive. One way to ensure that your pet is receiving all natural meals is to make them yourself using a homemade dog food recipe. Many people don’t have the time or the stomach for this

A better way is to buy raw dog food that is prepared for you and then frozen. Many firms have stepped into the breach here, such as Paw Naturaw and Nature’s Variety who produce frozen and freeze dried raw diets. BARF (Bones and Raw Food) has become very popular, especially as a frozen dog food which is long lasting and easy to store.

Companies may use all natural ingredients but the process of manufacturing is anything but natural. The production of kibble is achieved by one of two methods, by oven baking or by extrusion (high pressure steaming). Oven baking is deemed to be better, but it still makes you wonder whether a manufactured food can be called “all natural” if it is processed.

Many companies are offering hypoallergenic dog food such as Pinnacle, which make holistic allergen free dog food which is designed to prevent disease through positive nutrition.

Similarly, Eagle Dog Food state theirs is holistic, using hypoallergenic formulas which help dogs with sensitivities towards certain foods. IVD (now Royal Canin) is also formulated for pets with allergies just like Eagle Pack pet food.

Life’s Abundance dog food is an all natural, high antioxidant holistic dog food, which also contains probiotics. Likewise Premium Edge dog food contains glucosamine and chondroitin which are beneficial for joints. It is clear that some of the dog food ingredients are health-enhancing additives, but it does show that the phrase all-natural might not be exactly what it says on the tin.

Some of the best dry dog food on the market features popular recipes such as lamb and rice, but many more exotic flavors are coming onto the market, like chicken soup dog food. Natural Life dog food makes vegetarian products as well as low fat, non vegetarian dog food, again with all natural products, so it can be a good choice for owners with strong ethics about meat eating or for dogs who require a low fat diet.

Savory dog food recipes sometimes contain fruit in certain brands, but giving your dog too much sweet food is not healthy. Senior dog care is another specialist group which has food from various brands specifically formulated for the needs of older dogs. Nature Recipe actually leaves out various natural ingredients such as beef, corn and wheat as these can cause coat and skin problems in some dogs (and humans).

Precise dog food is an all-natural food that contains no chemical preservatives and is oven-baked, whereas Wellness brand comes in a variety of formats, from dry dog food to canned. However, when we look at the core of it, a natural dog food diet is one that ONLY uses natural ingredients as would be found in the wild.

There is a theory that the reason people are becoming more allergic to dairy, wheat, etc is because we have started to eat more processed food, and also that our environments have become “too clean”, therefore producing a generation with weak immunity. If you compare dog food which is mass produced today, it is very different from that of the past.

Eagle Pack pet food uses premium grade ingredients but also supplements which, although they may be beneficial, are artificially added. Timberwolf dog food is an organic brand which has been very beneficial for breeds of dog with skin problems.

Natura, the company that makes EVO and California Natural pet food, claims to make the healthiest pet food in the world, and their products do not contain melamine, the rogue chemical cited in the pet food recall crises. Companies such as Blackwood are quick to point out that their food was not involved in these recalls and that all grain was produced and sourced within the USA.

So, the next time you buy an all-natural product, ask yourself what that really means!