All Natural Dog Treats

All natural dog treats are huge right now and with good reason. When you buy all-natural dog treats, you will enjoy treating your pup twice as much, knowing that the snack is wholesome and healthy.

Many dog treats are packed with fats, artificial flavors and other nasties guaranteed to make you dog less healthy if fed regularly. Buying only natural products is not as hard as you think with many premium range products on the market.

Beefeaters Rawhide Twists in chicken or lamb are made from high grade beef hide, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The beef hide is soaked in flavored juice which will not stain or leak from the product – so don’t worry about little reminders of that treat over your upholstery!

Merely the scent of these will have your dog’s full attention fixed on you. Not only do they smell appetizing and taste great but they also help keep teeth and gums healthy. Your dog can chew away to his heart’s content, and you can breath a sigh of relief that his chewing instincts are being directed away from the furniture.

Also available are Beefeaters Chicken Cuisine Rawhides for a delectable treat. You can’t get more natural than Cow Hooves Premium for Dogs. These natural cows’ hooves will provide hours of chewing pleasure for your dog.

Specially produced to keep the original form and texture that is so appetizing for dogs, buying cows’ hooves will keep your dog happy for hours and give him something appropriate to chew on rather than your kids’ toys.

If your dog can’t get enough of cows’ hooves, can we suggest pigs’ ears. All meat, but low fat in a satisfyingly chewy snack that’s easily digestible and contains no nasty artificial preservatives.

Slow roasted for succulently deep flavor, and kept fresh by being dried and sealed, pigs’ ears are nature’s answer to snacking and have the added benefit of being good to teeth and gums.

Buy pigs ears for premium canine satisfaction. For a yummy twist on dog snacks try Beefeaters Sweet Potato Strips for Dogs. Made from 100% sweet potato this easily digestible, long lasting chewy snack is low in fat sodium and calories, tastes great and promotes healthy eyes, coat and skin.

Who would have thought dogs would love a vegetarian snack this much? All natural snacks are important as they promote better standards throughout the industry as well as promoting better health in your dog. When you buy all natural snacks you are making a consumer statement that you support positive feeding for your pet.

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