Bio Spot for Dogs & Cats

Bio Spot Spot On Flea and Tick control is a powerful flea treatment solution and it’s easy to use. We love our cats and dogs but so do fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It’s no laughing matter for your pet.

The threat of fleas is very serious as they may not only harm your pet but also your person and are a distinctly unwelcome presence. Fleas and ticks and mosquitoes can spread disease and also can cause skin irritations for your pet.

Some of these diseases can be fatal, or difficult and expensive to treat, so it does make sense to prevent flea infestation in out pets. Some medications are only effective against fleas, some only against fleas and ticks, but Bio Spot deals with all three.

Application of one tube of Bio Spot every thirty days will keep your dog or cat tick, flea and mosquito free. Application is to the back of the neck in one topical dose.

Observe your pet closely for a half an hour after application to check for allergic reactions. If your pet shows any signs of reaction, bathe your pet right away with mild dish detergent (not flea shampoo), and rinse with copius amounts of water.

Biospot contains a powerful insecticide which tackles adults adult fleas, with the addition of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) in the form of methoprene stops the development of flea eggs, preventing them hatching into adults.

Biospot make flea and tick control products for both dogs and cats, although they should not be used interchangeably, as the dog variety can be lethal to cats. The feline version can be beneficial for cats who have dermatitis.

Indeed flea bites generally can lead to skin issues for cats as they tend to repeatedly lick the spot of the bite. Bio spot is suitable for cats eight weeks old or greater.

For dogs Bio Spot comes in four dosages according to the size of your dog. 15 lbs and under, 16-30lbs, 31-60lbs, and over 60lbs.

In some cases dogs treated with Bio Spot have had side effects such as seizures, frothing at the mouth, muscle tremors, twitching, dilated pupils, and death. If your dog displays any of these signs, desist immediately with treatment and consult a vet. It could be that he is allergic to the medication. Please consult your vet before using the product on elderly, ill or nursing dogs.

Remember too, Biospot should only be externally on your dog or cat! You must keep Biospot and any other medicines away for the reach of children, and always wash your hands after handling it.

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