Puppies Chewing Behavior Problems

Puppy Chewing Problems

Chewing is a problem most commonly seen in puppies from the ages of 12 weeks – 5 months. Between these times puppies are slowly getting their adult teeth and just like human babies they need to chew on something to help.

Dog Toys for Teething

If you don’t provide your puppy with adequate teething toys they will chew anything they can, including items that can hurt them internally. Providing your puppy with toys like hard rubber balls or Kong™ toys, even a face cloth that has been wet and frozen in the freezer can help.

If you have to go out leave your puppy in his crate with something safe to chew on so he doesn’t hurt himself chewing on the metal bars that make up the crate.

Puppy Proofing

Puppy-proof your house! Put up baby gates or barriers in doorways to limit access to parts of the house your puppy isn’t allowed in. If you notice your puppy chewing on something he shouldn’t be tell him ‘NO’ and calmly switch the item for something he is allowed to chew on and leave it at that.

Stop Chewing

Coat the bottom of furniture with a bitter apple spray. This product is designed to stop puppies from chewing. Remember to only correct your puppy if you catch him in the act of chewing. If you discover a chewed up item even minutes after he has chewed it, you’re too late! Puppies have very short memories and he won’t remember why he is being punished.

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