Chicken Jerky Dog Treats from Beefeaters & Petravet

It’s no wonder that dogs love jerky treats when we like them so much too! Chicken jerky pieces make a great snack for your dog, ideal for training and rewards, even for that instant energy boost on a high performance day! Beefeaters Natural Chicken Strips for dogs are snacks your dog would buy if he controlled the purse strings. These treats are made from nothing but 10 lbs. of fresh chicken!

Made From Fresh Chicken

When you buy Beefeaters Natural Chicken Strips you are buying a premium made product made of natural, easily digestible real meat. Your dog will salivate as he gets a whiff of the mouthwatering aroma of this all-natural snack with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Glucosamine Chicken Strips

For a delicious high protein dog treat joint care supplements, try Petravet Joint Care chicken fillets. Made from 100% chicken breast strips, carved from slow roasted oven cooked natural chicken breast and fortified with glucosamine, your dog will enjoy the succulent flavors and juices of this fun chewing snack and relax knowing it’s healthy and great for his joints, as well as tasty.

Essential Vitamins

Made with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, this product has owners raving! Join the majority and buy the best for your pup! Petravet Essential Vitamins chicken strips are fortified with Vitamins A and E for a great fortified jerky treat. What do our customers say? They love this product, and highly recommend it. When you buy Petravet chicken strips, you can be sure of giving your pet a healthy treat.

Breath Fresheners

Petravet Chicken dog treats are the good kid on the block, as not all jerky is created equal. Many jerky products are loaded with bad ingredients, and as everyone knows, bad nutrition leads to bad health. Petravet chicken jerky is made with high quality, low-fat, all natural 100% chicken breasts fortified with Rosemary, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Parsley and Cholorphyllin. These breath freshening herbs really help with dog breath.

Natural Calmers

Natural Calmers chicken strips also come highly recommended from happy customers. With no artificial preservatives, coloring and flavoring, this wholesome and all-natural snack is made from prime human quality meat fortified with vitamin E acetate, lavender, clover, calcium carbonate, and linden flower, to help calm your pet. Give these great tasting treats and see your dog enjoy the chew whilst giving his gums and teeth a good clean up!

Chicken Jerky Strips

Chicken jerky strips from Beefeaters and Petravet are great tasting, healthy treats for your dog. With the knowledge that all ingredients are human grade you will share your dog’s enjoyment of these gourmet treats!

Use as a sprinkle over regular food to entice fussy eaters or as a premium grade treat. No sodium or preservatives are ever added to Petravet dog treats. Fed sparingly they make a tasty supplement to regular feeding, and come with the added benefit of being non perishable.

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