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Cholodin from MVP Labs is help at hand for geriatric pets.

It can be sad to see our beloved pet get a bit older and stiffer, and the signs of aging become all too obvious.

It can be even more upsetting that because of the animal’s shorter lifespan, we are likely to outlive a number of pets in succession.

Choline Canine For Senior Dogs

Some of the many symptoms of aging may manifest as confusion, or being “slower” than before, urinating or defecating in inappropriate places, constipation or fecal incontinence, a deterioration in coat condition, lethargy, weight loss and poor appetite.

If you find your cat or dog behaving in this odd manner and he or she is of senior years, it’s probably due to age. Hiding or avoiding humans, confusion and reverting back to pre-house training habits are all signs of age catching up with your pet.

Choline Canine & Cholodin FEL

Cholodin, a choline supplement, may help pets in this condition. Choline is an organic compound which has been proven to reduce heart disease in lab tests when taken as a supplement. Choline supplements are also taken as a way to increase mental acuity as the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which carries out many roles in various cognition systems within the brain.

Cholodin Canine 50 Tabs

Cholodin has been proven to help subjects retain memory and also as a supplement in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. This may make it clearer how a choline supplement, such as Cholodin, can help your aging pet. MVP Labs makes Cholodin for both cats and dogs. They come in packets of 50 chewables, and the cat variety, Cholodin Fel, also contains Taurine, as cats do not make this compound themselves; a lack of it can cause blindness and tooth decay.

Cholodin Canine 500 Tabs

In the case of Choldin for dogs, the dosage is one tablet a day crumbled over their food or given by hand. Small dogs should half the dosage, large dogs should double it. The rule Cholodin for cats is one tablet per ten pounds of body weight. Within days you should see a marked improvement in mental agility, energy levels and a return to more normal behavior. Prolonged courses of treatment will maintain this improvement.

In some cases, animals on a choline supplement may at the beginning of their course, show signs of an increase in neurological activity, and display signs such as hyperactivity, social agitation, muscle twitching and so on. Usually ceasing the regime immediately will stop these symptoms and owners can usually resume the course after three of four days without the reappearance of these signs.

It is wonderful to see your old friend restored back to ‘normal behavior’, both for you and your pet. With the use of this inexpensive supplement combined with a good diet, you should be able to give your pet a golden and healthy old age.

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