Denamarin For Dogs With SAMe & Silybin · Liver Supplement

Denamarin For Dogs

If you are concerned about your dog’s overall liver health, then adding Denamarin to his or her daily routine can provide much needed peace of mind.

Denamarin Supports Liver Function

Made by Nutramax, Denamarin for dogs contains a potent and effective combination of ingredients that work together to support liver function in a variety of ways. Denamarin allows for a more holistic approach to the care and support of this vital organ.

Denamarin For Dogs With SAMe

Denamarin contains SAMe (also commonly referred to as the mother of all antioxidants) and Silybin A+B as the main active ingredients. Denamarin with SAMe is well known to have a variety of positive effects on liver health and function in dogs by promoting an increase in the levels of glutathione.

Denamarin With Silybin

Silybin is a powerful component of milk thistle extract. It aids in the proper flow of bile in your dog’s liver which simultaneously assists in both digestion and nutrient absorption. The Silybin in Denamarin for dogs has also been shown to stimulate liver cell regeneration and can provide valuable protection against some toxins.

Denamarin For Liver Problems

Dogs can suffer from a disease similar to cirrhosis, which is known as Chronic Active Hepatitis. It is not known what sparks this disease off, but the effects on the liver can be devastating.

The disease causes the immune system to produce antibodies which affect the liver cells, causing blood flow to be restricted in the liver. Toxic compounds exacerbate the problem, and if left unchecked liver failure can result.

Doberman Pinschers, Cocker Spaniels and certain Terriers are predisposed to this disease. Other diseases which can affect the liver are cancer and hepatitis.

Denamarin For Large, Medium & Small Dogs

Denamarin is available in 3 different forms for all sizes of dogs. For dogs that weigh 12 or fewer pounds, a single dose of the small-sized tablets is sufficient. For slightly larger dogs weighing 13 to 34 pounds, a single medium-sized tablet is required. For larger dogs, the large tablet is required: 1 for dogs 35-65 pounds, 2 for dogs 66-120 pounds, and 3 for dogs weighing more than 120 pounds.

In order to administer Denamarin for dogs, it is best to give it to him or her at least 60 minutes before a meal and on an empty stomach. However, if it is difficult to administer the tablets to your pet in this way, then Denamarin may be hidden in a small amount of food. Denamarin is also available in a convenient liver-flavored chewable form.


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