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CET Enzymatic, VeggieDent & Hextra Chews

For both dogs & cats, CET Dental Chews are an important component of oral health care. They provide the proven benefits of rawhide chewing with the power of added ingredients. CET Hextra chews for dogs and cats include chlorhexidine as an antiseptic. CET Chews (CET Oral Hygine Chews) have a dual-enzyme action, and both types of CET dental chews are available in large, medium, and petite sizes. CET oral hygiene chews for dogs combine the proven effectiveness of the mechanical motion of chewing rawhide with powerful antiseptics to remove tartar and plaque while keeping your dog’s breath clean and fresh.

CET Toothpaste

In supporting the overall health of your dog or cat, brushing with CET Toothpaste is helpful addition to their dental care program. Formulated with dual enzymes, CET pet toothpaste is effective in the prevention of periodontal disease and will leave your dog or cat’s breath fresh and clean. CET Toothpaste for dogs and cats comes in two delicious flavors, malt and poultry, which your pet will love. CET dog toothpaste comes in a 2.5 oz tube. Using CET Aquadent drinking water additive for dogs and cats or CET Oral Hygene Rinse for dogs and cats containing chlorhexidine is another effective way to support your pet’s dental health.

Greenies Treats & Pill Pockets

A favorite chew treat for dogs and cats, Greenies dog treats contribute to the dental health of your pet and helps to maintain fresh breath. Greenies for dogs come in Teenie Size for dogs 5 to 15 pounds, Petite Size for dogs 15 to 25 pounds, Regular Size for dogs 25 to 50 pounds, and Large Size for dogs 50 to 100 pounds. Feline Greenies come in one size that is appropriate for all cat sizes. Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs and cats are tasty, bite-sized treats that have a hollow center for hiding pills, capsules, and tablets.

CET Aquadent

Another important part of your dog or cat’s dental hygiene routine is CET Aquadent, a specially formulated water additive that contains powerful ingredients to support the overall dental health of your pet. CET Aquadent is easy to use. Simply add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of CET Aquadent to one quart of your dog’s fresh drinking water (1 teaspoon (5 ml) for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds and for cats.) CET Aquadent Drinking Water Additive for dogs and cats is available in both a 16.9 oz bottle and also in convenient single servings that contain 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of Aquadent each. The active ingredient in CET Aquadent is the powerful antiseptic chlorhexidine which, along with zinc gluconate, aids in the removal of plaque and in the reduction of tartar to leave your dog or cat’s breath feeling fresh and smelling clean.

Petrodex Toothbrush Kits

Vibrac offers the Petrodex line of dental health products for the proper care and maintenance of your pet’s mouth and teeth. The Petrodex toothbrush kits for dogs and cats include everything you need to start your pet on a regular brushing routine. Each kit includes a Petrodex toothbrush, Petrodex toothpaste, and a convenient soft finger toothbrush. Petrodex breath spray for dogs and cats provides a quick and easy way to freshen your pet’s breath. Petrodex finger toothbrush gloves have bristles on the thumb and forefinger to assist in reaching difficult places. Petrodex dental chews for dogs taste great while they kill germs, and Petrodex chews are made of real beefhide.

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