Buy Diamond Eye Tear Stain Remover for White Fur Stains

Buy Diamond Eye

Diamond Eye is the tear stain remover made by Vitacoat, the creators of the top quality dog grooming products that breeders, exhibitors, and pet owners prefer.

Vitacoat Diamond Eye is a unique and special blend of ingredients that is applied topically to the tear stained areas around your dog’s eyes.

Topical Tear Stain Remover

Diamond Eye is very easy to use. Simply apply to the fur around each of your dog’s eyes using either a cotton ball or a cotton swab and then wipe the area clean.

Make sure to use a separate cotton ball or cotton swab for each eye. Vitacoat Diamond Eye tear stain remover can safely be used daily, and if the stains are especially persistent it can be used up to three times per day until the condition is improved.

Brilliantly Restores White Fur

Diamond Eye is not an eye wash, so be sure to avoid any direct contact with the eyes.

Diamond Eye is safe for any breed of dog and can also be used as a cleaner for the furrows of breeds such as Bloodhounds and Boxers among others.

As well as from removing the stains caused by tears, Diamond Eye can also be used to eliminate the yellowing and discoloration that can appear on the fur of many light colored dogs, and is very useful for removing fur stains of other parts of your dog besides the eyes.

Try Diamond Eye Today

If your dog’s fur has unsightly tear stains, or if your white furred pet has stained fur anywhere that you want cleaned, then give Vitacoat Diamond Eye a try today, and you’ll see those unsightly stains magically disappear fast.

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