Digging Behavior Problems

Digging is another natural trait that dogs exhibit. Husky dogs will dig because it was bred into them that they must dig to make a den to sleep in, while breeds like the terrier dig because they were bred to kill rats and other small animals that burrowed below the ground.

Breeds like these can never be taught to stop digging but they can be taught that there is a place to dig and a place not to!

Buy a shallow plastic pool or a children’s sandbox and fill it half full of sand. When you notice the dog digging, take him to his digging box and show him that it is okay for him to dig there. Take him here every time you notice him digging outside and make it a point to remember to take him here at least three times a day and show him to dig.

If you notice him going back to his original hole, fill it half full of dirt then pile in some of his feces and fill it the other half way with dirt. Most dogs avoid their own feces and will quickly learn that the dirt is not the best place for them to dig.

Always make sure to keep the cover on the sand when it rains and to re-fill the box when it isn’t half full of sand as this will keep your dog interested. You can also bury treats or a favorite toy in the sand so that when the dog digs he finds it and learns that it is good to dig in his approved spot.

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