Dog Toys

Imagine a world where toys were part of daily life – welcome to your dog’s world. Toys are very important for dogs – to stave off boredom, to foster self-amusement, to have ownership of something and to stimulate mentally. There are a huge range of smart and tough dog toys on the market. Toys for small dogs, medium and large dogs, some which probably you have never heard of, so selecting the best, most innovative discount dog toys will buy your dog hours of fun.

Don’t forget to check out the ever popular plush dog toys from Kyjen and Zanies too. These cheap toys won’t break your budget and will provide hours of great fun. The Fling-it Squirrel and Pig toys are the ultimate fetch and retrieve toys and are sure to become some of your pet’s favorite toys! In the always popular dog tug toys department, for shoppers looking for a good old fashioned tug of war, there are few toys better than the Aspen Pets Booda Fresh ‘N Floss Rope for Dogs.

Available in five sizes and made from bullet proof materials making victory in the pull-a-thon your dog’s top priority! There is no better gift for the new dog in the family than puppy dog toys to get the chewies out! Take a closer look to see which one you want to buy for your special canine friend.

Kong dog toys take toys to a new level by melding two favorites the tennis ball and the squeaker toy and creating the Air Kong Squeaker Football for Dogs – he won’t want to put it down!

For a treat-free fun experience the MultiPet Nobbly Wobbly II Rubber Ball might be just the thing to keep your canine friends amused.

Its agitations will mimic “living” movements, driving your dog crazy to catch this favorite of discount dog toys.


A fun, colorful, and exciting toy, the Nobbly Wobbly II Rubber Ball is a dog toy that your pet will love. It’s unique shape also means that it’s a great chew toy for massaging your dog’s gums. The Multipet Nobbly Wobbly comes in two sizes: the medium ball is for medium sized dogs and the large ball is for large sized dogs. The Multipet Boingo Ball is another great indestructible dog toy for your pet from Multi Pet. Its plastic inner ball is filled with beads and surrounded by rubber rings to create an auditory and tactile experience that your dog will love. The Boingo Ball also floats in water. These balls are really fun for your pet to chase as their erratic movements are tough to predict.

Likewise the Kyjen Dog-Agility Starter Kit could make you the most popular dog owner in the neighborhood! Set up one of these in your backyard and get the neighbors over for some friendly competition! The Canine Hardware Chuckit Ball Launcher will save your arm by allowing you to throw further, harder and for longer.

If you get this super-thrower, you will have to invest in some Canine Hardware Ultra Balls, which come with rave 5 star reviews from customers just like you. Tennis balls are the classic dog chew toys. For an extra special treat, get the Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Balls. They’re a combination tennis ball and squeaky toy!

This is just a taste of the toys we have found for you – take some time to explore our site and see what exciting, educational and healthy toys are on the market. Playtime will always be fun time with a good selection of toys at hand. In these pages you will find toys to suit every pocket and specially designed playthings for chewing, training and for both small and large dogs.