Dog Training

Dog Training Importance

Training your dog is one of the most important areas of dog care, and one of the least understood. It might seem appealing for many people to just send their puppy to the pet boarding facility for some dog obedience training. Then they could grab a latte and browse a few books on dogs, look through the dog calendars, buy a new leash and collar and by the time they pick him up, he’s a model of good dog behavior. Unfortunately, life with a dog isn’t like that.

Dog Training Tips

You need almost as much training as your dog, but don’t worry. Training a pet requires patience and persistence, but it is definitely possible. In this section, we’ll provide a crate of useful dog training tips to help you train your dog. After reading the articles in this section, you could also contact your local association of pet dog trainers for more insight into puppy training.

Dog Behavior Problems

We’ll start with typical canine behavior problems, where you’ll find a series of articles which address problem dog behaviors including barking and separation anxiety, chasing dogs, chewing puppies, digging, jumping up, mounting, nipping and biting.

Clicker Training

You can learn how to clicker train your dog! Clicker training is a great way to bring up healthy, happy dogs, and is a popular method of many dog trainers. We’ll show you how you too can get started with a clicker.

Obedience Training Types

Next up, we’ll look at some types of obedience training including basic dog training, or puppy training, and then advanced types such as agility training, guard dog training, gun dog training, police dogtraining, schutzhund, seeing eye dog training, and finally tracking. We’ll add some more to this list in the future too.

Socialize Your Pup

Next up is the puppy socialization page. Starting early is the key to a well adjusted puppy.

Training Supplies

There are some supplies that can help with the training process. This page takes you into a look at dog training equipment including dog training collars like the bark collar options, pincher and choke chains, leads, leashes, light lines, whistles, and even housetraining pads.

Dog Training Professionals

If the adventure of training your dog seems too much for you to handle on your own, you can always seek out the services of a professional dog trainer, experienced in training dog breeds like yours, to help you. Professional dog trainers love dogs and enjoy teaching others about ways of training dog behavior.

Check out our staff’s favorite dog training books and videos, and read about options for dog training certification to show you how to become a dog trainer.

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