Dog Training Leads & Leashes

There are a couple of different training leads you will need to train your dog. The first is a six foot leash. Pick something that is comfortable on your hand and easy to move around with. Leather is recommended and usually works best.

Training leads and leashes

The training lead is used for all basic and advanced commands, walks and any new commands you start to teach your dog later on.

For these reasons it is imperative that you buy one you like.The second lead you will need to invest in is a light nylon or cotton webbing lead. This needs to be at least twenty-five feet, but no more than fifty feet long.

If you can”t find a “light line” as they are called, you can go to any hardware store and find the materials to make one there.

Light Lines

The light line is used for the come command in basic obedience and also for the start of any other off-leash exercise you start to teach your dog. Make sure to get one with a leash hook that fits your dogs’ size otherwise you will have a loose dog on your hands and that can be a disaster! The two leads above are vital to dog training but there are a few different products that you can incorporate to make training a little easier.

Head Collars

The Halti or Gentle Leader head collars are a great way to get your dog comfortable with the command “heel”. They take a while for your dog to get comfy in and your pup will probably paw at his face for awhile but once he is calm enough to clip a leash (these were made to be used with a extendable lead) on the halter and start to walk, you will defiantly notice less pulling!


Harnesses are great for weight pulling and dog-sledding but don”t really have a purpose in basic dog training. The harness was meant to distribute the force of pulling evenly onto your dogs’ chest and, if used to try and control pulling, will always fail.

Although there are a few great no-pull harnesses that combine the dogs’ pulling motion with a tug under the dogs’ arms that effectively stop pulling I don”t recommend a harness at all.

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