Obedience Training Types

Basic Training

Basic training, sometimes called puppy training, goes over the basics of dog training in the simplest manner possible. It is more for the first time dog owner that needs help in all areas of puppy training.

Dog Training Classes

In these classes expect to go over terms such as crate training, housebreaking and your simpler commands like leave it, and drop it. You will go over a release command such as “okay” and basic commands such as “sit, lie down, come, stay, heel” and combinations of these as your pup gets better at them.

Most of these classes are fun for your dog. They include socialization with other people and dogs as well as games. Try and pick a class with no more than ten students per instructor. This gives everyone involved a chance for one-on-one time with their trainer which is important if you have any questions about what you have learned.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Pick a class that promotes positive reinforcement training rather than negative reinforcement training. The way your puppy or young dog is taught now determines his outlook on all other training in the future. These classes are more for the owner than for the dog, however the dog reaps the benefits of all the attention and with positive methods used, will enjoy training in the future.

Advanced Training

After you go through basic training with your puppy or young adult dog you will most always have the option of a “higher education” for your beloved pet. Advanced training reinforces what the dog has learned from basic training and takes it a step further.

The heel becomes perfected, off leash commands are introduced and your dog will perfect his training in these classes as more precision is required to pass. You will learn new commands like “finish” which puts your dog back at the heel position when he comes to you, and your dog will enjoy new games and even more dogs to play with.

Working Dogs

Since the beginning of the relationship between wild wolves and man, dogs have had jobs to do. When man first started breeding different kinds of dogs long ago, they all were meant for different things. Our close relationships with our dog friends are based on their ability to be taught to work for us and the drive with which they do so.

Next, we’ll look at some of the many specific types of obedience training.

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