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Head Collars

When you first get started training your puppy, if you go to the pet store to pick out a collar and lead, or a problem solving product, you may be overwhelmed by the choices that are presented to you. Many of these products like the Gentle Leader Head Collar are designed to help you and your dog get through the training process more easily and with fewer problems.

Bark Collars

Bark Collars are one of the more controversial products on the market today. This is because they don’t always work! A bark control collar is essentially a small box attached to a collar that goes around your dogs’ neck. A sensor catches any sound the dog makes louder than panting and interprets it as a bark. The sensor then sends a signal to the box that houses the control board and emits a sharp jolt of electricity to your dog’s throat causing a shock to make your dog to stop barking.

Although these devices are proven to work, it depends on the strength of the signal. If you buy a product with only one setting and your dog is large, it’s likely that your dog will only feel a very minor shock or even no shock at all and the product will not work.

The best bet is to get one with multiple settings so you can set the jolt to the size of your dog. Another drawback is that the dog might feel like the things he is barking at are causing the electric jolt and that will cause him to bark more!

Citronella Spray Collars

Citronella and water spray collars both work the same way. The only difference is the citronella collar has a scent added to the spray mixture that most dogs despise. Every time your dog makes a loud enough sound he is sprayed in the face with the citronella solution. For dogs that don’t like to be sprayed, these work pretty well.

There are two drawbacks to this particular unit though. Your dog can learn that if he barks continuously for more than 15 minutes he can drain the unit completely and then be able to bark all he wants without being sprayed. Your dog might also associate the spray with the things he is barking at making him bark more.

Electronic Collars

Electronic collars are yet another product to control barking dogs. These collars emit very high frequency sound waves that only the dog can hear every time the dog barks.

The sound is supposed to act as a distraction to the dog to make it forget about what it’s barking at. These collars do work but it depends on your dog. Some will bark more because they are disturbed by the noise.

Sonic Trainers

These are also called shock collars and for good reason. A small box that holds a battery is attached to a nylon collar that fits around your dog’s neck. The box is positioned onto your dogs’ throat in the center and emits a shock every time a button on the control unit, a device held in the trainer’s hand, is pressed.

There are a few different shock collars but the idea remains the same. Some have higher and lower settings for larger and smaller dogs and some even have a warning signal, usually a high pitched sound, which can be used in place of a shock.

Although sonic trainers are considered Negative Reinforcement training tools, this doesn’t mean they are harmful for your pet. These devices are safe if used properly, according to the manufactures instructions and can be a great tool in training your dog.

A usual misconception about sonic trainers is that the device is only to be used for aggressive dogs or dogs that all other training resources have failed on. This is absolutely untrue. Sonic trainers can and have been used on even the softest, most caring dogs as a training tool.

Sonic trainers are great for field training and off leash work. They give you the option to correct the dog at the moment they do something wrong, the same as if you had a leash on them.

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