Dog Treats · Chicken Tops, Rawhides, Biscuits, Sweet Potato

Treats – we all love them, don’t we? Your dog is no exception, as I am sure you know! Any dog owner worth their salt knows that healthy dog treats are worth much more than a second or two of pleasure for your pet – they are an essential part of training.

If you’re searching for a healthy alternative to unhealthy dog treats, then sweet potato dog treats may be just what you’re looking for. These yummy dog treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors that offer valuable health benefits to your dog. Beefeaters Sweet Potato Strips are delicious 100% natural snacks available in 2 pound bags and 6 oz bags.

For dogs with allergies, Natural Balance offers both a fish and a venison flavored sweet potato dog treat that is available in 8 and 14 oz bags. Loving Pets Gourmet Wraps include beneficial Glucosamine and Chondroitin for a healthy dog treat available in 8 oz bags.

Dog Buffs has sourced the best dog biscuits and treat options available. Cutting edge products which meet you and your pet’s needs, and even some you had never dreamed of! You might as well feed healthy dog biscuits & treats that your pet will love, and you will love knowing that he’s getting proper nutrition!

Let’s start with rewards in obedience training. A reward won’t work unless your dog actually likes the treat it is being given. With this in mind, Dog Buffs has done the work for you, scouring the market for the ultimate in delectable treats to tantalize your dog’s taste buds, and frankly, we are a bit jealous of our canine friends!

Tasty Strips chicken jerky dog treats have to be the best dog treats ever! Made from 100% all natural chicken breast fillets, they start with over 10 lbs. of fresh chicken to make the 1.5 lb. jar. The only ingredient is chicken breasts.

Beefeaters produce a vast array of tasty tidbits for dogs. Choose from Savory Sausage Chewy Treats, Beefeaters Munchy Sticks in tasty Lamb & Rice, succulent Chicken, hearty Beef especially yummy Peanut Butter, if your pooch likes peanut butter dog treats. For a mouth-watering real-meat treat try Beefeaters Jerky Strips in Lamb & Rice or Chicken.

Want to go organic? Check out the organic dog treats for some great taste choices, no pesticides and ingredients produced by sustainable methods.

If that’s not enough for your dog, Beefeaters Wavey Bacon Chewy Treats and Beefeaters Tasty T-Bone Chewy Treats look just about good enough to eat and all are packaged in an easy no-fuss resealable tub. With dog training treats on offer like this, training your pet will be a walk in the park!

Beefeaters Rawhide Chicken Tops For dogs are 100% all natural dog treats, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, so are a guilt-free snack both for you and your pet.

More choices in rawhide dog chews include another winner from Beefeaters. Rawhide chews for dogs actively massage the gums and teeth while your dog is snacking on them – who could ask for more? A treat that treats you well!

If you give kids snacks packed with additives, they climb the walls. The same can be said for dogs, so go natural if you can for everyone’s sake! Products wholesome as they come include Beefeaters® Swizzles Treats for Dogs which are 100% natural and packed with flavor.

They have the added advantage that the unusual shape makes your dog manipulate the treat in its mouth, therefore scraping tartar away. Likewise Beefeaters Piggy Compressed Bones are 100% natural and compact with flavor and goodness.

Beefeaters® Vita Rawhide Stix for Dogs help replace essential vitamins which can be lost during strenuous play. Really great for the active dog, whose energy expenditure can leave it depleted of vital nutrients. Essential Vitamins Chicken Strips for Dogs is another vitamin rich option for dogs with bounce!

You can’t get more natural than Premium Pig Ears and Cow Hooves Premium for Dogs. The idea might not as appealing to you & I as the gourmet dog biscuits, but these treats are where it’s at in terms of natural all-good snacks for dogs.

If you have uncompromising standards of quality, these superior grade snacks from Beefeaters will go down a treat. Choose from Rawhide Lamb & Rice or Chicken Twists, Rawhides in Beef, Chicken or moreish Cheese Bacon or Hickory.

We love our dogs, right? But there is a reason we call it dog breath. Healthy teeth and gums mean fewer vets bills and fresh, minty breath is just better all round.

Other great products we like for oral hygiene include CET Enzymatic Chews for Dogs & Enzadent Oral Care Chews for dogs. These treats use the same enzymes that occur naturally in your pets mouth along with the natural abrading quality of rawhide, to help breakdown deposits in his teeth & keep his mouth clean.

For the same dental care but a meatier taste try Beefeaters Dental Rawhides and Breath Fresheners Chicken Strips. It’s not just your dog who will thank you for it.

Gourmet dog treats can be used in conjunction with meals to enhance your dog’s dining experience. Nutrisauce in Bacon Cheeseburger, Roasted Chicken or Pork will have your dog drooling. Use sparingly for a gourmet treat over his favorite food.

Greenies Dog treats are a favorite chew treat for dogs and cats. Greenies contribute to the dental health of your pet and helps to maintain fresh breath. Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs and cats are tasty, bite-sized treats that have a hollow center for hiding pills, capsules, and tablets.