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Dog IQ Test?

Dognition is not just a dog IQ test. The results of a Dognition Profile are not like the results of most tests. It is not designed to determine whether your dog passes or fails in any areas but is instead a tool to help dog owners understand how their pets view and navigate the world around them. Another way to understand it is to imagine that a Dognition Profile offers insight into how your dog thinks, not how intelligent he or she is. This is an important distinction because the actual usefulness of a dog “IQ score” can be quite limited while an understanding of your dog’s way of being in the world can benefit your relationship with your pet through his or her entire life.

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Your Dog’s Dognition Profile

The first thing that you’ll see when you open your dog’s personalized Dognition Profile is one of nine “types” that best fits your dog. These nine types are: Ace, Expert, Einstein, Charmer, Renaissance Dog, Maverick, Socialite, Protodog, and Stargazer. Dognition Profile type is determined by your dog’s individual problem solving style and his or her social problem solving style. Each of the nine types has its own strengths and weaknesses, and no type is better than any other.

Dognition’s 5 Dimensions

Dognition determines your dog’s individual and social problem solving skills by assessing five canine cognitive dimensions. The five dimensions of the Dognition Assessment Toolkit are empathy, cunning, communication, memory, and reasoning. Of these, memory and reasoning are used to assess individual problem solving while the other three are used to assess social problem solving.

Dognition Helps You Understand Your Dog

The five Dognition dimensions can be imagined as five lines with anchor points on each end. The anchor points represent the two extremes of each dimension. For example, the two ends of the “reasoning” dimension are “impulsive” and “logical,” and the ends of the “cunning” dimension are “trustworthy” and “wily.” In analyzing where along each of the five dimensions your dog is located, Dognition is able to create a detailed and personalized report that will help you to understand your dog in new and exciting ways.

Dognition Is Easy

This new understanding can lead to new ways of relating to your dog. For many people Dognition can also help identify the less-than-ideal training and communication methods that have been causing frustration in their relationship with their dog. In fact, one of the many benefits of Dognition is that it can suggest the easiest and most effective ways of relating to your dog in order to minimize negative interactions.

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