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Zymox Otic for Ear Mites

Ear mites affect both dogs and cats. Behavioral changes will give your the clues that your are dealing with an ear mite infection.

If the situation has gotten really bad and your are struggling to cope with repeated or severe infections you need something with some punch, such as Zymox OTIC solution with and without Hydrocortisone.

Seven days dosage at once a day should resolve severe inflammation, and fourteen days for chronic conditions where the animal is persistently infected. Symptoms of an ear mite infestation include shaking of the head vigorously, repeated scratching of the ears, some brown colored discharge, possibly malodorous, and apparent pain when the ears are touched.

So who are these tiny pests, the ear mites? They are minute parasites that live in the lining of the ear canal. The ear swells and becomes painful as they bite through the skin to get at the blood supply. Yeast and bacterial infections are in store for your pet if you don’t take action against an ear mite problem.

An untreated condition that could lead to your pet losing its hearing and requiring an expensive and unpleasant operation. One ear mite infection will lead to another if you have multiple pets, as they transfer from one host to another. Ear mite infections are a particular problem in places where there are large numbers of animals, such as pounds, boarding kennels and breeders. The best way is to treat the whole group for ear mites simultaneously.

Although both dogs and cats may contract ear mites, you should take special car if you are the proud owner of a spaniel as their glorious long haired long ears are especially attractive to ear mites.

Ear Mites Treatment

Ear mites can be dispatched easily and quickly. The first issue is to keep the ears clean – remove debris, wax and dust from the animal’s ears. Clean ears are less susceptible to infection. Another ear cleaner option is Lambert Kay Ear Rite Insecticidal Ear Wash. Use it to clean the outer areas of the ear in order to stop infection taking hold. To combat yeast infections and mites, ClearQuest Ear Powder is a good solution. It will get rid of any odor problems and will keep ears dry, leading to fewer yeast-type infections.

If you are looking for a clean and easy way of keeping your pet’s ears clean, consider Zymox Ear Wipes. Made with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, these wipes will stop any yeast or bacterial infection in its tracks. They are quick and simple to use, come in a tidy resealable container, so every time you get a perfect wipe.

For an effective and all natural approach, there is Dr. Golds Extra Gentle Ear Therapy for dogs and cats. Formulated to cleanse ears on dogs and cats, its made with Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel, which are natural disinfectants and astringents. Odor problems will be resolved and the ears will be kept clean, dry and safe from yeast infections.

Zymox is a good choice for severe problems. With a natural substance that kills mites, it will speedily resolve your pet’s mite problems. This product comes strongly recommended from breeder and people who show dogs. Your pet’s ears don’t have to be a problems with so many high grade products on the market, so don’t leave ear mite and yeast problems to sort themselves out.

Relief for Dog Ear Problems

Zymox is ideal if your dog is currently suffering from chronic or acute external ear inflammation, or if your dog is prone to these types of infections. Start your pet on Zymox OTIC Solution right away, and take the first step toward permanent relief for dog ear problems.

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  1. admin wrote on 03 Nov 2009

    A big thank you to Melinda for her review of Zymox!

    My cat and I struggled with ear mites for two months. He showed up after a scuffle with four wide spread punctures across his left ribcage and he was covered in weed seeds and burrs. As I was going over him I saw the black/brown coffee grounds in his right ear and some darkening in his left, I immediately treated with an olive oil/mullen ear oil that I sometimes use.

    Well, there followed a long list of natural cures, as well as the pet store drops that he had a bad reaction to. Going to the Vet was a last option because he can’t tolerate anything related to Ivermectin. But I finally did when his ears were warm and he reacted in pain as I cleaned out another guarantied to work, high in sulfur treatment. The vet cost 4.5 hours and $200. In the cytology for his ears, she was not able to go into the ear canal without sedation, and since I had cleaned them, she only saw bacteria. She charged $30 for 7.5 tresaderm, made him wear an e-collar and prescribed Pyoben gel for the feline acne that I’m sure spread from his ears to his chin. After a week the ear inflammation was gone, the acne was four times worse and as usual in the ears the dark film, coffee grounds and flakes, were less but still very much there.

    I read on Amazon that one person had the added benefit of Zymox curing feline acne and I read on DogBuffs that Zymox cured ear mites, so I bought some and tried it next. The first couple of days everything was worse. I read on the package that your suppose to remove the excess, so because his ears were so filled with gunk, on days 2 & 3 I swabbed them out and reapplied more Zymox. Now, five days latter, his ears are clear and the acne is almost gone.

    Thanks for your informative page where I found Zymox. It cured my cat’s long battle with Ear Mites and Feline Acne.