Fougera Ointment · Triple Antibiotic w/ Bacitracin

Fougera Ointment

Fougera triple antibiotic eye ointment is made for the treatment of bacterial eye infections in cats and dogs.

Fougera ointment is specially formulated and packaged to be sterile, and it contains an effective and powerful combination of active ingredients.

Bacitracin, Neomycin, and Polymyxin B are strong topical antibiotics that are combined in Fougera triple antibiotic eye ointment to create a treatment that fights off many of the infections that can cause eye inflammation and irritation in dogs and in cats.

This triple antibiotic eye ointment is produced by the creators of the popular Fougera Vitamin A & D Ointment, a mild topical treatment for skin burning and irritation.

The makers of Fougera A & D Ointment now also offer this powerful triple antibiotic ointment for the healing and relief of your pet’s eye infections.


To use Fougera ointment, simply apply a thin layer of the sterile ointment to the inside of your infected dog or cat’s upper or lower eyelid. As your pet blinks, the ointment will be spread quickly and evenly over his or her entire eye to bring healing and relief. This process should be repeated between 3 and 4 times per day.

If there is not any improvement to your dog or cat’s condition within a few days of regular use, or if the condition appears to be getting worse, be sure to consult your veterinarian for advice. Also contact your veterinarian if your dog or cat is currently being treated with any other eye ointments or medications. If Fougera triple antibiotic eye ointment is used along with another eye ointment or medication, be sure to allow at least 10 minutes between applications.

Sterile Product

Because the sterility of this product is important to maintain, be careful not to let the sterilized surface of the tube come into contact with any other surfaces. This includes avoiding contact with the eyes or hands. Contamination of the sterile tube could result in further eye infections. The sterility of the surface of the tube helps to ensure that the treatment will have the maximum possible effect without interference from other potential contaminants.

Fougera triple antibiotic eye ointment is packaged in a convenient 1/8 ounce tube for easy application. Each tube can be purchased separately or in a package of three. Just as with Fougera A&D Ointment, Fougera ointment is intended for external use only and should not be ingested.