Frontline Plus Flea Treatment for Cats

Frontline for Cats

Frontline Plus is a big name in the dog flea market, but this brand is separately formulated for cats as well. The products aren’t interchangeable, and shouldn’t be applied to a different kind of animal than the one it is intended for.

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Given correctly, Frontline is the most effective method of flea and tick control. Frontline Plus for cats is approved by the EPA and FDA. Providing the longest lasting protection against fleas and ticks, Frontline Plus has millions of proponents and their cats around the world.

Flea infestations are at best irritating for cats, but a flea bite can lead to all kinds of skin complaints such as flea allergic dermatitis and potentially hair loss as well, as the cat will repeatedly lick the affected area until the hair is gone.

Strong yet gentle is a good way to describe the Frontline formula in action. Being a combination of fipronil and methoprene, it gives strong treatment for flea and tick issues. In 48 hours 100% of the ticks are dispatched, and 100% of the fleas in half that time.

Frontline Plus Flea Control

Frontline Plus for cats also interrupts the flea and tick breeding cycle meaning that it isn’t only adult fleas that are tackled, but also the larval and egg stages. It also solves the problem of biting lice in the same treatment. Gentle enough to be applied on kittens and cats eight weeks or older, it gives almost instant relief from the irritation of flea and tick infestation, and prevents the potential diseases that fleas and ticks can bring.

So easy to apply, water resistant, and a once monthly topical application at the shoulder blades, Frontline Plus for cats has been scientifically proven to control fleas and ticks for the entire month. As long as the treatment is applied to pets exactly as directed, they will stay clear of ticks and fleas for the duration.

From Merial, a world leader in animal pharmaceuticals, you can rest assured that the product you are using is safe and effective. Frontline buyers state that it really works, whereas other cheaper brands weren’t effective in the treatments of ticks and fleas in cats. They also testified to the waterproof aspect of it, which is so important due to the possibility of kitty getting caught in the rain. Frontline Plus for cats is the best solution to give the best to keep your kitty clear of fleas & ticks.

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