FURminator de Shedding Tool for Dogs & Cats

The FURminator

The FURminator deShedding Tool is guaranteed to reduce shedding in dogs & cats more than any other grooming tool, and they’re available here at the lowest prices online.

All dogs & cats have the potential to look less than well groomed but the problem is exacerbated when you are dealing with a long coat and bad weather.

FURminator Large

Matting in a pet coat is a big problem especially in winter and spring, and under belly hair can get caked in mud and tangled and knotted. If mats are unchecked, pets could wind up having a skin allergy and your home having a trail of mud.

FURminator Medium

A lot of dogs really hate being clipped, plus you have to wait until the fur has grown quite long before it’s worth doing, but here’s a solution you can do at home with little fuss… the FURminator.

FURminator Small

The patented FURminator deShedding tool gently and easily pulls out the dead undercoat fur. Our animals hate being clipped. Is it the same for you? The FURminator is the solution. Instead of cutting, the FURminator rather gently sweeps away the matted hair; meaning pets won’t get freaked out. Minimizing stress for Bowser will also minimize stress for Mum or Dad, meaning both can get back to playtime sooner.

One can’t tackle a St. Bernard the same way as a long haired Dachshund. Luckily the FURminator people have thought of everything.

FURminator For Cats

It comes in three sizes, large (4 Inch), medium (2.65 Inch) and small (1.75 Inch), and the price reflects the range in size too. There is a special feline version in purple too.

Short haired dogs also need grooming, so this is the product for all pet lovers.

Suitable for both short haired and long haired breeds, the FURminator makes it easy to get those mats out due to a specially designed ergonomic grip handle and a stainless steel edge.

It’s so easy to groom, you’ll be surprised you put off getting one this long. A big advantage to using the FURminator on pets is that it brings the natural oils to the surface, leaving the top coat gleaming and healthy.

You’ll find the FURminator much more effective than other combs, brushes or rakes. Take into account the added advantage that dogs will shed 90% less, meaning your home will be cleaner! A big advantage for those poor allergy sufferers, both human and canine, is that using a FURminator will mean that there are less airborne particles floating around, meaning a more comfortable environment for all. Pet fanciers absolutely love this product and report significant improvements in conditions such as dry itchy skin and matting. So choose the right tool. Get the FURminator here and take the stress out of grooming.

Get a FURminator and discover an easy and effective way to groom year round, regardless of breed, weather conditions and time demands. Purchase the FURminator de shedding tools for pets here at the lowest prices online. Guaranteed!

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