Goodwinol Ointment & Shampoo For Dogs

Goodwinol Ointment For Dogs

For the localized treatment of mange in dogs, Goodwinol Ointment is a great choice.

Goodwinol Ointment is a topical medication that is meant to be used only on the areas of your dog that are affected by mange.

Goodwinol Ointment Provides Relief

Goodwinol ointment for dogs can be safely and effectively used in the treatment of both demodectic mange (mites) and follicular mange (demodex), and it provides relief from irritation while at the same time moisturizing and conditioning your dog’s skin.

Goodwinol Ointment Has Benzocaine

One powerful active ingredient in Goodwinol is Benzocaine, which works to quickly relieve the pain and discomfort that can be caused by demodectic and follicular mange.

Goodwinol Ointment Has Also Has Rotenone

At the same time, Rotenone goes to work to kill the microscopic mites that are the cause of the painful and irritating infection. This powerful ingredient in Goodwinol is naturally derived from the root of the derris plant. Finally, Lanolin works to soothe your dog’s skin to provide some immediate relief.

Application Of Goodwinol Ointment

This powerful ointment should be applied on the affected areas one time per 24 hours. Goodwinol ointment should be massaged until it is completely absorbed in your dog’s skin. It is important to remember that Goodwinol Ointment should not come in contact with your dog’s eyes, so exercise extreme care when applying the ointment to areas that are near the eyes.

Goodwinol Ointment For Dogs Only

Goodwinol is intended for dogs only and should never be used on cats or other animals. The length of treatment that is required will vary depending on both the reason for treatment and your dog’s response to it. If there is no noticeable improvement within the first 10 days of use, be sure to consult with a veterinarian. Goodwinol ointment comes in a 1 lb jar.

Goodwinol Medicated Shampoo

For an overall solution to the irritating itching, scratching, and flaking that can affect your dog or cat, try Goodwinol medicated shampoo for pets. This shampoo contains Benzocaine for relief (like Goodwinol ointment) along with cedar oil.

This naturally occurring ingredient is derived from cedar trees and acts as a gentle, safe, and effective insecticide. It can be used to aid in the fight against fleas, mites, and mosquitoes in your dog or cat. Goodwinol shampoo is available in an 8 ounce bottle.

Apply to wet hair at full strength and lather. Allow Goodwinol shampoo to stay on the skin for five minutes and then rinse and dry thoroughly. Goodwinol shampoo can be safely used one time weekly.

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