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The FURminator

To look after your pet properly, grooming is an essential measure. Without proper care to the coat and nails, a dog can soon be looking wild and also potentially suffering from various health problems.

The coat is the first area we will look at. Anyone who owns a long haired dog will know what havoc the elements can cause. Matted fur, tangles and the creation of a perfect home for fleas, ticks and so on are the risks you take if you don’t groom your dog.

The winter can be especially difficult for long haired dogs, and also for those dogs who are very active out of doors. Dogs love water, puddles, mud and a whole host of other less savory things, so grooming has to be a weekly job (at least) to keep your pet looking great.

Luckily for both long haired and short haired dogs of all sizes, the Furminator deShedding tools offer a range of fantastic grooming products that have been developed to help you in the struggle to stay tangle free.

The Furminator has been designed with an ergonomic handle making it easy to grip and utilize, and does not affect the topcoat. With regular use this excellent tool can reduce shedding by up to 90%, which may help with allergies that many people suffer from.

Tear Stain Removers

If you have a Westy or other white furry friend then chances are that Angels Eyes and Vitacoat Diamond Eye tear stain treatments are of interest. Owners of white furred dogs will be glad of tear stain removers that really get the red out.

Kong Zoom Groom

The Kong Zoom Groom Brush for dogs in Raspberry or Boysenberry, and the Zoom Groom for cats is a welcome relief to pet grooming problems. Through the special design the brush actually works like a magnet for stray hairs, with the soft fibers massaging the skin and coat.

Your dog will enjoy the attention, and the brush is so gentle it can be used on the tummy without causing your dog discomfort – on the contrary he will love it. Use the brush in a circular motion for best results.

Dog Nail Clippers

Master Grooming Tools guillotine dog nail clippers are a godsend for dog and cat owners. The grip is vital in toenail clippers as you don’t want to slip and cut the quick. The non-slip handle and super-sharp blades make it easy to cut precisely. You may need to get your dog used to having a pedicure, but you will soon see how easy it is to do them yourself!

As a finishing touch, there are so many products to make your dog smell heavenly.

8in1 have an especially good range of shampoos, sprays and conditioners with scents such as Baby Powder and fruity combinations to give the finishing touch to your dog’s beauty regime.

Alcohol-free, and softened with Aloe Vera, your dog’s coat will gleam with health. Don’t forget, eye wipes are also available, which are a lifesaver for white or pale coated dogs.

All these grooming products are suitable for the average dog, but remember if you have a show dog, these products may make the difference between winning and losing.

Take the time to turn your dog or cat out to its best. Purchase the highest quality grooming supplies for pets here, at the lowest prices online. Guaranteed! + Shipping is included on qualifying orders.