Guard Dog Training

Guard dogs are also called security dogs and for good reason. With a dog on your property that is taught to protect you, you are almost safe from everything!

There are a few types of security dogs which include watchdogs, livestock guardians and of course your regular guard dog.

Watchdogs have not been trained to bite. When a stranger enters your property they will bark to alert you to the presence of the intruder.

They may or may not bite the trespasser but will not do so on command as they were never taught to attack. These dogs are not dangerous and are good with all people, children included.

Guard dogs are another story. With a trained attack dog on your property you have to be ready to take responsibility for all of the dogs’ actions. You have to be sure your yard is secure to prevent escape!

These dogs can be trained in a variety of ways which includes the abilities to body guard, protect without a command, and attack on command. Above all, breeds that make the best guard dogs have a self preservation instinct which tells them that they must also protect themselves, making them prone to attack if they feel they are being confronted.

Guard dogs go through rigorous training and must be put through obedience sessions almost weekly to perfect their skills. They are always trained in bite work and some can bring down a full grown, able-bodied man.

These are not the dogs to have around children and do better in a setting where they can work, as that is what they have been trained to do.

Livestock Guardians do not work closely with people. Their ability to work depends on the fact that they bond with their flock rather than with humans! By growing up with their flock from puppies, the dogs bond with them just like they were their babies and will protect them from any harm.

There are a few types of livestock guardians but most commonly you will see the Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd and the Akbash. These dogs are fierce protectors and will kill to protect their flock.

The guardians will perch themselves at the highest point available to be able to look over their whole flock and if they perceive danger they will surround the threat and attack. The dogs will protect their flock from any risk including humans and other dogs. They have been known to kill mountain lions, wolves, cougars and even bears!

These dogs most often look after flocks of sheep, goats and cattle but are used as home protectors as well. If bonded with a family, these dogs will not let anyone unknown near their home including friends and other family members without first being properly introduced.

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