Healthy Dog Treats

Healthy dog treats are the winning ticket. Like humans, a treat for a pet is always welcome, but it should be nourishing.

In addition treats can be used very effectively during training, on long strenuous excursions to keep morale up and to reward good behavior.

Of course the question is what kind of treats should be given.

Imagine you have a child and you reward good behavior with chocolate. Very soon in most cases you will have an overweight and very unhealthy child, which was not your objective.

The same goes for your dog. You have to do the thinking and make the right choices for your pet, as dogs will eat whatever they fancy without thinking of the consequences on their health.

Thankfully pet food creators have devised a range of healthy treats that save you time, money and brainwork, so you can get on enjoying your playtime with your pet.

Take for example Petravet Essential Vitamins Chicken Strips, a high protein snack fortified with vital vitamins such as A and E, essential for good health.

Made from with over 8lbs of 100% chicken breast, this low fat snack may benefit dogs with skin conditions, and are packed with powerful disease fighting antioxidants.

All ingredients are high grade quality, and the Chicken Strips have the added benefit of removing plaque, leading to sweeter breath, healthier gums and stronger teeth.

How much more natural can you get than Pig Ears? This is basic food at its very best, and your dog will just love them.

Slow roasted for succulent texture and intense flavor, Beefeaters pig Ears for dogs are a gourmet treat that will drive your dog wild.

Owners rave about them, as they are longer lasting than most other dog treats, giving your pet hours of chewing pleasure.

Delivered in packs of 25, the slow roasted pigs ears are dried to give longer shelf life, rather like flavorsome beef jerky.

This means that the nutrition is sealed in and your dog gets a gourmet treat from the very first bite. They taste great, dogs love them, and they are low in fat, meaning they are an immensely healthy dog treat.

Easily digestible, with zero preservatives, they also help in the removal of plaque through the chewing action, leading to healthier gums and teeth and hopefully fewer trips to the dentist.

If your dog loves pig ears, try him with Cow Ears. Beefeaters toothsome Multi flavored Cuisine Cow Ears come in a variety of flavors; natural, beef, yummy peanut butter and chicken.

Your dog will love the chewable texture and fantastic flavor.

Many higher fat higher calorie snacks will not compete with Cow Ears for flavor, and best of all they are natural and healthy too.

Petravet also make Breath Fresheners Jerky Chicken Strips.

Made from over 8 lbs of fresh chicken breasts and nothing else, you can’t doubt that you are giving your dog the very best treat for his health.

Great for all breeds, low fat and healthy, Chicken Jerky Strips will be a welcome treat for your pet.

Whereas some smaller dogs may find real size pig ears and Cow Ears quite a mouthful, Jerky Strips are ideal for smaller mouths and are delectably soft and chewy.

If your dog still isn’t satisfied, it’s time to take a look at Beefeaters Peanut Butter Cuisine Rawhides.

All natural rawhide treats, formed to perfection without preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, these five inch morsels will keep your dog chewing for hours.

While your dog is in chewing heaven, you can rest assured the Rawhide Chew Sticks are helping to keep his teeth plaque free.

Yogurt for dogs may seem like a crazy plan, but your dog will go crazy for Beefeaters Strawberry Yogurt.

Fat free, so a great snack for dogs with weight issues, but in fact a beneficial snack for all dogs as this delicious creamy yogurt contains calcium, essential for building good teeth and bones.

It also has the added advantage that it is fortified with Lactobacillus Bulgaris, which can help maintain a healthy digestive tract, and therefore helps your dog process food more efficiently.

Many humans regularly eat bio yogurt for its health properties, so why not give your dog the same advantage?

Made without preservatives, this super-healthy snack can be stored unopened at room temperature for months thanks to an innovative pasteurization process.

Once opened however, it should be refrigerated, however knowing how much my dog loves Beefeaters Strawberry yogurt you won’t have much to keep for another time.

A good treat in summer when the weather is warm, the cooling yogurt will provide healthy, fruity refreshment.

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