Jumping Up Behavior Problems

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Dogs use jumping and even crotch sniffing as a greeting simply because they greet other dogs this way. Humans, however, are usually fond of a more reserved greeting when meeting a dog or when coming home to their furry friends.

The Sit Command

The easiest way to cure a dog from jumping on people is to perfect your “sit” command. Keep the dog on the leash when you decide to train this one. With the dog on your walk side place the leash under your foot and let your friend approach. When the dog goes to jump up onto your friend he will be pulled back by the leash. Give him a firm “No” and tell him to “Sit” while your friend takes a giant step backwards and stands calmly until the dog responds to his cue.

Praise Your Dog

When the dog remembers to sit on command and not jump praise him lavishly and reward him with a treat (only if you have been using treat training for all other training exercises). Leave the area and play with your dog for a few minutes until he forgets about the training exercise then start all over again. This refreshes the excitement of meeting the second person.

Training Repetition Is The Key

Repeat this exercise until the dog doesn’t jump up when he is greeting any people. When you walk down the street with your dog, have him sit when a stranger approaches to pet him. It is harder for him to jump up from a sitting position. This exercise takes time and patience and like all other obedience training can only be taught with consistency over time.

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