Kong Dog Toys

Kong is a big name in the dog toy world, producing quality games and toys for dogs, often with a health benefit. With a manufacturer like Kong you can rest assured that your dog’s toys are made from durable, non toxic materials designed for rigorous play.

Added to that those clever designers over at Kong are always thinking up new ways to make the benefits of their toys multifold. Take the Kong Dental Sticks for Dogs, a temptingly chewable stick with cleverly designed ridges, patented under the name Denta-Ridges.

Not only will your dog enjoy playing around with the Dental Stick, he will be getting a good tooth polish as the specially designed ridges scrape away tartar, plaque and food debris. The Dental Stick also massages his gums, stimulating blood flow and keeping them healthy. Use the Dental Stick in throw and fetch games, and you can even stuff it with healthy treats to make it more tempting.

Kong also make the Hard Rubber Dental Toy for Dogs, constructed out of Ultra-Flex, a super tough, bite-resistant materials meaning your toy stays in top shape longer and your dog won’t put himself at risk but biting off and swallowing a piece of the dog. Dogs just love Kong toys because they are designed to bounce erratically when the make contact with the ground. This unexpected movement will intrigue your dog, and keep his attention for hours.

Like all Kong toys, you don’t have to worry about staining or that the toy will mark walls or carpets. If you want to fill your Kong toys with something tasty for your dog to root around and find, look no further than Kong Stuffn Liver Paste for Dogs. It comes in an 8oz can and dog just love that meaty taste! Designed with a handy nozzle for easy application into the cavity of any Kong chew toy, this paste is also fortified with vitamins which will bring out the gloss in his coat and help keep skin healthy.

The smart designers at Kong know that dogs get bored of toys unless you make them really fun so they devised a toy which is actually two toys in one, the Air Kong Squeaker Donut Toy for Dogs. With a durable Donut ring, your dog will be happy to engage in a tug of war with you at the drop of a hat, and he will be thrilled and excited by the squeaker toy contained inside. The toy is covered with a fabric similar to the outside of a tennis ball, which is durable yet soft on doggy mouths.

In the same way the Air Kong Squeaker Football for Dogs is two toys in one – a squeaker toy contained in a football. Our dog just loves to run around with it in her mouth, squeaking the ball as she runs. Again it is covered in that special tennis ball fabric that won’t hurt the mouth but provides a tough exterior.

Finally, Air Kong Squeaker Tennis balls offer mouthfuls of playful fun. A game of catch won’t be the same with these great inventions, as a hidden squeaker toy is concealed inside. They come in packs of three, for three times the enjoyment. Anyone for tennis?