LubriSyn For Dogs & Horses HA (Hyaluronic Acid)


If your horse is given regular injections of Hyaluronan, the you know that spikes dips in their levels can cause a variety of symptoms, but these spikes and dips can be avoided by replacing injections with daily oral administration of Lubrisyn for horses.

Regular and consistent usage of this oral form of HA can ensure stable levels in your horse’s system.

LubriSyn Oral HA

LubriSyn for horses can be used for the treatment of many conditions including both carpal and fetlock joint dysfunctions.

It is also used in the treatment of synovitis, the inflammation of the synovium that can be a symptom of equine osteoarthritis.

LubriSyn For Dogs

The powerful active ingredient in LubriSyn Equine is Hyaluronan, a glycosaminoglycan that is known to support joint health in horses and also to treat the pain and irritation that results from joint inflammation. Because it is naturally occurring, Hyaluronan won’t taint the results of post-competition testing. Unlike injectable versions of Hyaluronan, orally administered LubriSyn has no known side effects.

LubriSyn for Horses

LubriSyn is both tasteless and odor-free. Administration is simple, and horses require only a single 15 milliliter dosage once per day, though a larger 30 milliliter dosage can be given during the initial treatment period. Full results are typically observed after 7-14 days of regular usage.

Bottles of LubriSyn for horses and dogs are available in four sizes for your convenience. The smallest bottle contains 16 ounces for a total of 32 doses. A larger twin neck quart size is also available that contains 64 doses. The half gallon and full gallon bottles contain 128 and 256 doses respectively.

If your horse or dog suffers from a type of joint dysfunction, and he or she reacts negatively to regular injections, then the safe and gentle administration of LubriSyn EquineOral HA can provide the same powerful treatment and protection without the negative side effects.

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