Mounting Behavior Problems

Mounting is a common problem in young puppies but can be a problem in mature adult dogs as well. Mounting is a natural behavior between puppies to establish dominance.

Males and females will both try to mount each other and it’s not just limited to male/female mounting either, anyone will do.

Dogs in multiple dog households can also show signs of this behavior. Although embarrassing especially when one has company over, the only time this is considered a problem is if the dog starts to mount people.

If people mounting occurs, keep your dog on a long leash when company is around. Keep the leash to a maximum of 10 feet, this way the dog believes he is not on a leash and will start the behavior you wan to correct.

As soon as he jumps up to try to mount a person, put him into the “sit” command. A dog can’t mount from this position and using “sit” re-enforces the “No Jumping” behavior that you want from your dog as well.

An alternative for a dog that isn’t as obedient is to keep the dog, again, on a maximum of a 10 foot leash but no shorter than 6 feet, let the dog start into a mounting position and pull back and give the firm command “NO”.

No matter how big your dog is this will make him unstable on his feet and he should stop mounting and check to see who pulled on his leash.

As soon as he is off the person, and back on all fours, give him praise. Continue doing this until the dog learns that people are not for him to mount.

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