Nemex 2 Suspension For Dogs and Puppies

Nemex 2

Roundworms and hookworms are among the most common canine internal parasites, and due to the risks they pose to dogs, it is important that they are treated thoroughly with an anti-parasitic drug such as Pfizer’s Nemex-2 dewormer.

This powerful medication can restore your dog to normal health and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your pet is free of parasites.

Nemex Wormer

Nemex 2 wormer contains the powerful and effective active ingredient pyrantel pamoate. This deworming agent has been shown to combat infestations of internal parasites in dogs.

It is made up of a combination of pyrantel and pamoic acid, and it works by causing paralysis in roundworms and hookworms. This paralysis causes the parasites to release their hold on your dog’s intestines. As a result, the worms are soon passed through your dog’s digestive system naturally.

Nemex 2 Dewormer Liquid for Dogs

Nemex 2 dewormer comes in an easy to administer liquid form that has been specially formulated to appeal to dogs. In most cases, dogs have been shown to love the flavor and can be given Nemex directly.

However, if your dog refuses the medication, it can safely be mixed with a small amount of his or her regular food. Proper dosage is determined by the weight of your dog. Administer one 5ml teaspoon for every ten pounds of body weight. While results are often evident, it is always best to have your veterinarian confirm the absence of parasites.

Nemex Tablets

Nemex is also available in a powerful tablet form that comes in two dosage sizes. Dogs weighing up to 25 pounds should be given the small dog tablets that contain 22.7 mg of pyrantel pamoate per dosage. Dogs weighing more than 25 pounds should be given the large dog tablets that contain 113.5 mg of pyrantel pamoate per dosage. As with Nemex 2 liquid, always consult with a veterinarian before use.

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