Organic Dog Treats

Organic Dog Treats

Natures Animals make Gourmet Select Organic Mini Bones in delectable flavors such as Hearty Grain & Honey, Peanut Butter & Carob and Carrot Crunch, flavors your dog will be drooling over, and will give you the peace of mind you are giving your pet something super healthy.

The ingredients are all natural, produced without herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. They have not been irradiated and contain no chemical additives or preservatives. Gourmet Select meets the rigorous standards set by Quality Assurance International.

With 12.5% crude protein, they provide a meaty treat for your pet with other wholesome ingredients added, which include, depending on the flavor; wholegrain organic brown rice, organic wheatbran and Vitamin E.

Things which are good for you sometimes aren’t the tastiest option available, but your dog will wolf down these succulent treats, made from the very finest flavors nature has to offer. The goodness of grain and sweet honey combined to make a naturally sweet treat will be gratefully received.

Carob is often used as a substitute for Chocolate, which of course is toxic for dogs; and has a high energy content making the Peanut Butter and Carob treat an ideal choice for treating during high energy activities such as long hikes, agility tests and so on. Rice and rice bran are highly nutritious foods to give to dogs, extremely digestible, with a high energy content, packed with fat soluble vitamins, gluten free ( so good for dogs with allergies) and an excellent natural source of niacin and Omega 6 fatty acids, proven to be beneficial for coat and skin.

Neuman’s Own Organic Treats

Of course treats should only be given sparingly so as not to spoil the main diet of the animal. Only 10% of his daily calorie intake should be taken up with treats, so you should factor this into your spoiling and rewarding. Benefits of choosing this kind of snack are multi-fold. Firstly Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which will boost your dog’s immune system, potentially reducing the chance for disease to take hold.

Moreover in older pets it can be especially beneficial. Vitamin E protects red blood cells, Vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation damage, help maintain healthy membranes in cells (which might otherwise rupture), helps supply oxygen to the bloodstream, and nourishment to cells. It is recommended for all animals but especially for aging dogs, those with serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease and skin issues.

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