Pet Tabs Plus for Dogs · Daily Vitamins & Minerals


For the dog or cat that is in need of a high quality nutritional supplement, Virbac Pet Tabs Plus for dogs and Pet Tabs for cats are a safe and effective source of the daily vitamins and minerals that your pet needs.

Pet-Tabs Plus

Pet Tabs Plus for dogs are specially formulated to support the unique health needs of dogs that are experiencing high levels of stress. Pet Tabs Plus are a great source of nutrition for active, sporting or working dogs that regularly expend high amounts of energy. Pet Tabs Plus are also well suited to older dogs that may no longer be eating enough food to provide them with the nutrients that they require.

Pet Tabs For Dogs

For stressed dogs, active dogs, and senior dogs alike, Pet Tabs Plus are a great source of the essential vitamins and minerals that are so vital to the proper maintenance of your pet’s health and for their quality of life. Pet Tabs for dogs have a great taste that your pet will love, and are made to be administered directly by hand before your dog’s meal, or crumbled up and mixed into meals.

Pet Tabs Plus For Dogs

For dogs weighing less than 20 pounds, the proper dosage is ½ tablet, one time per day; for dogs weighing more than 20 pounds, the correct dosage is one full tablet, one time per day. Virbac Pet Tabs Plus for dogs are available in a bottle containing 60 chewable tablets.

Pet Tabs For Cats

Like dogs, cats have special and unique nutritional needs and Virbac Pet Tabs for cats contain the important vitamins and minerals that they require. To further support the particular health needs of cats, Pet Tabs also contain the powerful and effective amino acid taurine to aid in proper digestive function. Pet Tabs for cats are safe for both kittens and mature cats, and are available in bottles containing 50 chewable tablets.

Pet Tabs Vitamins

Each tablet is formulated with a flavor that cats love so that while you know that they are getting a powerful nutritional supplement, they think that they are getting a well deserved treat. Correct dosage is one tablet per day for mature cats and ½ tablet per day for kittens.

Pet Tabs can be administered in one of two ways: either directly by hand as a treat before your cat’s regular meal or crumbled into their regular meal. For both dogs and cats.

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