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Pincher Collars

The pincher collar and the choker chain have the same purpose, to effectively correct your dog in a wrong behavior. Although most trainers despise them, pincher collars are essentially safer than the choker.

The Pincher Collar vs. the Choker Chain

Next time you are in a pet store, place the choker chain on your arm and pull as if you were correcting your dog.

You will notice that you only feel the pinch on one area of your arm and usually it will hurt.

When you try the pincher collar on your arm you will notice that when you pull on the pincher collar, the pressure is divided equally over your entire arm (the same as your dogs’ neck) and although it does give the sensation of tightness, the pincher collar doesn’t hurt.

Advantages of Pincher Collars

With that in mind another thing to consider is the size of your dog. Choke chains come in many different strengths and sizes, and pincher collars only come in two. One is large, heavy links and the other is smaller, lighter links. Although the pincher only comes in the two sizes, it is very easy to expand by purchasing extra links. You will have to buy larger chokers as your dog grows, but you only have to purchase extra links for the pincher collar.

Another disadvantage to choker chains is that they have to go on a certain way to be used properly while the pincher collar can go on either way and still work exactly like it should with no harm to your dog. Pinchers can also be used with rubber ends on the metal prongs to reduce the sensation to your dog’s throat and you can even use them inside-out to start with so as not to scare your dog.

In my own opinion and experience I feel that the pincher collar is easier to use, less expensive in the long run and better all around for your dog.

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