Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs

Gentle Leader

It could seem a little harsh to put a leash on a dog, but sometimes it’s necessary, especially if your dog can’t always be trusted to behave himself. A collar and leash is also a vital part of training, especially to get a dog to learn to walk to heel and as a restraint, if he isn’t focused on what he should be doing.

Old fashioned collars and leashes only fit around the neck, meaning that your dog’s windpipe is constricted when he tries to lunge away. Choke chains are worse as they can bruise and continually constrict around the throat. This kind of sensation does not provide a positive experience for the dog when training, so DogBuffs is really pleased to introduce the this product.

Made by Premier, the Gentle Leader Head Collar comes with warm recommendation from vets and trainers as it is much safer than other restraint devices, does not constrict the throat and provides a much more agreeable and calm restraint for a dog.

Just imagine if your throat was constricted, leading to choking and the threat of asphyxiation – wouldn’t that lead to feelings of panic? Well your dog is just the same, and when dogs are panicked, it’s very hard to teach them anything. he Gentle leader head collar is a much kinder yet effective method of providing total head control.

It’s made of soft nylon, with a head collar to be fitted around the head and a band which goes around the muzzle. When your dog pulls, you can exert gentle yet steady pressure to the back of the neck and over the muzzle, bringing your dog safely, calmly and gently under control.

Dogs will respond much better to this form of restraint as they won’t feel threatened or panicked. It’s so much easier to train and control a calm dog rather than one who is frightened. They come in two colours, red and blue and in four sizes, extra large for the big boys such as Danes and Rottweilers, large for Labs, medium for Collies, and small for our little canine friends.

Sizing is as follows: Small for dogs up to 25 lbs, Medium for dogs 25-60 lbs, Large for dogs 60-130 lbs and X-Large for dogs over 130 lbs. It even comes with a helpful, informative, instructional DVD which provides methods of training using the Gentle Leader.

This product is a simple must-have for any dog owner, and so reasonably priced you have no excuse not to get one. The Gentle Leader may be gentle, but it’s a world leader in restraints.

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