Preventic Tick Collars for Dogs


Because of the numerous health risks that are known to be caused by ticks, it is important, as a pet owner, to ensure that you dog is protected from these pests by using the Preventic Collar. This powerful tick deterrent collar is available in two convenient sizes and is able to fit around almost any dog’s neck.

Preventic Collar

The Preventic Collar is easy to use, and it provides long lasting and effective protection from many kinds of ticks. Application is easy. Simply attach the collar around the neck of your dog. Ensure that it is tight enough to make contact with his or her skin, and be sure to trim the excess portion of the collar. The Preventic Collar is safe for your dog to wear at all times. However, be sure to remove the collar before bathing and do not reapply until after your dog has dried.

Preventic Tick Collar

The powerful action of the Preventic Collar lasts up to three full months and prevents tick infestations by killing and detaching existing ticks while preventing new ticks from attaching. The active ingredient is Amitraz. This antiparasitic drug has been shown to actually interfere with the nervous systems of ticks, so your dog can enjoy powerful tick relief as soon as possible.

Preventic For Dogs

The Preventic Collar is available in two sizes: 18 inch and 25 inch. Each collar can be adjusted and trimmed to accommodate nearly any size dog. This powerful anti-tick collar is also water resistant so if your pet enjoys playing around water, he or she can do so without fear of compromising the collar’s effectiveness. If your dog is suffering from ticks, then the Preventic Collar can provide the relief he or she needs.

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