Prozyme For Dogs & Cats

Prozyme For Dogs

Proper digestive function is an extremely important aspect of every dog and cat’s overall health and vitality. PRN Prozyme for dogs is a great way to support your pet’s digestion. Prozyme is a safe and effective nutritional supplement that is excellent for both dogs and cats, and its made up of a special mixture of digestive enzymes that are naturally derived from plants.

Digestive Support

In Prozyme, these enzymes work together to break down the nutrients in your pet’s food and to ensure that they are properly absorbed through their digestive system.

The enzyme alpha amylase in Prozyme works by breaking down starches, cellulase assists in proper digestion of fiber and cellulose, protease breaks proteins down into beneficial amino acids, and lipase ensures that fats are properly broken down and absorbed.

Prozyme’s four enzymes provide a balanced level of digestive support for your dog or cat so that their bodies will properly process foods.

Prozyme Powder

Prozyme for dogs and cats is especially suited to animals that, for a variety of reasons, do not produce the proper amount of enzymes for effective digestion. When this happens, dogs and cats are unable to absorb the nutrients that they require even if they are eating a healthy and complete diet.

As a result, dogs and cats can display many negative symptoms such as loss of fur, scaling of the skin, and digestive problems such as diarrhea. The root cause of these problems should be diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian, but in the meantime Prozyme can be added to your dog or cat’s regular diet to help support nutrient absorption and to maintain your pet’s vitality and quality of life. In some cases, the mere addition of Prozyme into your dog or cat’s diet is enough to resolve an otherwise undiagnosed digestive problem.

PRN Prozyme

PRN Prozyme is available in a good tasting powder form that animals love, and it can be easily mixed into your dog or cat’s food. It comes in bottles that contain 160 servings to provide quality digestive support at the best price. Prozyme should be given to dogs that are under the age of 8 with meals at a ratio of ¼ teaspoon for every 1 cup of food. It should be given to pets that are over the age of 8 with meals at a ratio of ½ teaspoon for every 1 cup of food.

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