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Purina is an industry heavyweight backed by the giant Nestle. Its motto is “Your Pet, Our Passion®: Premium Pet Food by Purina”. With a 75 year history making dry and canned food for cats and dogs under a staggering 26 brand names such as Friskies, Alpo and Dog Chow, the Purina dog food company is a strong market player.

Veterinary Diets With FortiFlora

Purina has created a group of companies that offer a brand for everyone, and they are therefore a competitor to all the major players. Take veterinary diets for instance. Currently Hills and Royal Canin are examples of two rivals in this field. With some cool packaging, Purina Veterinary Diets stand apart from the others.

Prescribed by vets, like Hills, the product line includes the Fortiflora probiotic supplement containing live active cultures, and Purina HA hypoallergenic dog food which is recommended for dogs suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS), Hyperlipidemia, Gastroenteritis and Dermatitis.

Pinnacle dog food is a competitor in this field guaranteeing its food is 100% allergen free. Probiotics are becoming more common in the dog food industry with Pinnacle and Life’s Abundance offering foods with them included as well.

Purina Beneful

Another brand, Purina’s dog food, Beneful, is available in 5 dry flavors with protein (including soy), vegetables and grains. With packaging designed to convey wholesome and healthy dog food, Purina Beneful contains vegetables, corn, meat, calcium and mega fatty acids. Purina Beneful dog food also comes designed for puppies, coat care, weight control and soy protein. Purina also manufactures Beneful as prepared meals with meat and vegetable combinations.

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Purina Hi Pro

But it doesn’t stop there. Purina also has performance dogs in its sights with Purina Hi Pro. A rival product might be the lesser known Blackwood dog food, developed by a group of performance dog breeders.

Nature’s Choice is Purina too

Although Purina has not gone so far as to make dog food vegetarian, it has started to package its Nature’s Choice line in pesticide free recycled cardboard.

Makers such as Chicken Soup dog food use more vegetables and fruit in their recipes than Purina but some argue that fruit and vegetables are not natural to a dog’s diet and therefore their inclusion does not means it is the best dry dog food.

Premium Edge dog food also includes fruits and vegetables, and Timber Wolf even includes seaweed, while Innova/ Evo dog food goes a step further with organic ingredients. Every company has its own benchmark of what is acceptable.

For example, Precise dog food does not use protein by products such as chicken heads and feet, but some argue that the heads especially contain valuable nutrition.

Read the label!

We won’t to go into all 26 Purina brands in enough detail to give you an exhaustive overview, but one word of advice for all products:

Read the label of what went into the can or bag you are considering purchasing.

Just because it says chicken does not mean it is human grade quality. Other less than welcome ingredients are animal fats, wheat gluten, fillers, artificial colors and preservatives, so read what you feed!

Purina Recalls Alpo – Not Pro Plan

Also check up on the recall lists. Purina was not exempt from the recent pet food recalls. Certain Purina brands were involved, for example Alpo, and others were not, for example Pro Plan.

The situation affected some of the heavyweights on the market including Authority, Blue Buffalo, Nutro Max, Kirkland, Iams and Royal Canin. It just goes to show that just because it’s a household name doesn’t mean it’s in the clear.

This should be especially relevant for Purina, with so many brands targeting different sections of the market and differing quality of ingredients used in its products.

But Sojos Is Better!

We recommend Sojos pet foods as they are made with superior quality ingredients and contain no fillers like wheat or corn and no byproducts. Just add real meat and you’ve got the perfect meal for your pet.