Raw Dog Food

sojos real food for dogs

In an interesting but unfortunate trend, we have tried to make our canine friends eat more like us, but the tide has turned and, for both humans and animals, the focus is on eating more raw food.

It is becoming common knowledge that a raw food diet is what dogs have evolved on, and that processed foods are mostly responsible for poor health in you and your animal.

The success stories are piling up, and it is difficult to ignore that feeding raw food to your animals is the way to go.

There are many premium grade lines available; the benefits are two-fold – no messy preparation for the owner and the security that all the nutritional formulas have been worked out, meaning your dog is getting what he needs.

So what’s on the menu? Your pet is in for a treat and, depending on what you are currently feeding him, a major health boost.

Nature’s Variety Raw Food Diets have their customers raving, some call it a miracle food, and believe it has cured illnesses and chronic conditions in their pets.

High in meat protein, with 5% organic sprouts, fruits and vegetables and using ingredients as diverse as quails and pheasant eggs, blueberries, heart and squash, Nature’s Variety is available in patties and smaller medallions for appropriate portion sizes.

An increasingly large snack range of bones and meat products is available, in differing grades from organic to free-range and chemical free. Nature’s Variety, Primal Petfoods and Raw Advantage all offer poultry neck products.

For those who want to bite more off than they can chew FarMore Raw Frozen Buffalo Bones might be the answer; free-range, non medicated bones including marrow, providing essential nutrients. Primal Pet Foods and raw Advantage also offer Raw Beef Bones for food as natural as it comes.

Raw Advantage seems to be the pack leader in the raw food stakes with a staggering array of foods available. Its Organic Dinner for Dogs is a premium line of free-range, organic, hormone and pesticide free food, made from less exotic ingredients than some of its competitors, but including kelp and garlic, a natural body cleanser.

Going one step further Raw Advantage Organic Only Meat includes chemical free meat, organs and offal and is just about the freshest food you can give to your dog. Raw Advantage Organic Rock Island Raw offer organic meat proteins mixed with oats and millet if grain is appropriate (NB. will require vitamin/mineral supplements).

Primal Pet Foods endeavor to directly mimic the diet of the wild, and use 100% human grade organic and chemical free ingredients. Enriched with anti-oxidant and mineral laden sources such as kelp, coconut oil and cranberries, Primal has the added guarantee that all its meat is all natural vegetarian fed.

Nature’s Logic offer an over 90% meat/poultry, gluten and grain free product with added ground eggshell as an additional calcium source and provides a less expensive option.

Northwest Naturals is available in beef, chicken, turkey, salmon or bison formulas either in dinner nuggets or frozen bars sectioned into portions. Its formulas are fortified through added minerals, high in vitamin-rich ingredients and protein.

For those who like more control over their dog’s diet, Bravo Raw Food Diets provide convenient pre-made blends of high grade hormone free food which can provide a good base into which to add other supplements.