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Beefeaters Rawhide

Rawhide chews are a wholesome treat for dogs, and they’re made of 100% natural ingredients. Beefeaters knows the business of getting the health benefits of rawhide into a convenient snack form, and Beefeaters dog treats include an extensive selection of fantastic rawhide chews containing 100% natural ingredients and no fillers, glues, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Rawhide Chew Sticks

Beefeaters Rawhide Chew Sticks come in four great flavors; Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Rice and Peanut Butter. These 5″ long dog rawhide chews come in a handy resealable bag which means they keep fresh and are easy to store.

Rawhide Twists for Dogs

Beefeaters also offer Rawhide Twists, made from the finest grade of beefhide available. Just like the Rawhide Chews, they are non-staining, as the twist have been soaked in a mouthwatering flavored juice, so they are better for your home. They come in value packs of 75 pieces and are available in Lamb and Rice, Natural and Chicken flavors.

Premium Dog Rawhide Chews

Beefeaters Cuisine Rawhides are a premium grade line of all-natural beefhide chews, sold in 1 1b bags sealed for freshness. Available flavors include Beef, Chicken, Lamb & Rice, Hickory Cuisine and Peanut Butter.

Dental Health Booster

Dogs love the meaty taste and better still, the satisfying “chewability” of these snacks. Beefeaters rawhide chews speak to your dog’s innate chewing instincts as well as reduciing plaque build up. Rawhide chews are a great preventative measure against dental problems too, as they help to clean while he chews.

Puppy Chew Sticks

Rawhide dog chews are also excellent for puppies when teething and during that phase when they are testing their teeth out on just about anything they can find. We have already talked about the wholesome aspects to these chews, but Beefeaters also made products which can benefit specific conditions.

Skin and Coat Rawhide Chews

If your dog is scratching away and appears to be having some coat issues, Beefeaters Skin and Coat Rawhide Stix can help. Fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, they are ideal for targeting skin and hair, resulting in a healthy coat, and less irritation.

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