Recombitek West Nile Virus Vaccine For Horses

Recombitek Equine

Because of the prevalence of dangerous viruses such as West Nile Virus among horses and other animals, the use of a powerful vaccine like Recombitek is important to provide a barrier of protection between your beloved horse and this perilous disease.

Vaccination against West Nile Virus is one of the most effective methods of preventing the contraction of this ailment.

West Nile Virus Vaccine

Recombitek Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine is a proven and effective preparation for the inoculation of horses. It contains a pure and sterile diluent along with West Nile Virus cells that have been lyophilized (also known as freeze dried.)

These cells are then recombined with a type of canary pox that is engineered to allow only the desired aspects of the virus to express which results in the production of defenses in your horse’s body that can fight the onslaught of contagious West Nile Virus germs.

Recombitek Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine has been rigorously tested and shown to be effective even in horses that would otherwise be susceptible to contracting West Nile Virus. This means that even if your horse is in an area with a higher than average rate of viral outbreaks, he or she will be protected by this powerful vaccine.

Administration should be performed by an experienced professional, and in fact Recombitek is only sold to veterinarians. The vaccine must be reconstituted by combining it with the included sterile diluent. A single 1 milliliter injection directly into the muscle is sufficient for vaccination.

If this is your horse’s first time being vaccinated against West Nile Virus, then follow this initial dosage with a second 1 milliliter dose between 4-6 weeks later. After that, only a single annual 1 milliliter revaccination is required. Recombitek Equine West Nile Virus vaccine is available in packages containing 10 single dose vial and packages containing 5 vials containing 5 doses each.

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