Dog Rescues Are Salvation For Man’s Best Friends

Have you have ever wondered about the fate of dogs whose owners leave them, or are lost by accident? The unlucky may finish their days in the pound before being put to sleep.

An alternative is an animal shelter, a much happier option as they care for abandoned dogs and attempt to find new owners, and they have been instrumental in encouraging spaying and neutering. This alone has resulted in a reduction of stray dogs reproducing unwanted puppies.

Not all animals which end up in the shelters are unwanted pets. Sometimes the owner can no longer look after their animal due to sickness; death, neglect and handicap can also force a hard choice.

Aggressive dogs also end up in shelters when the owner can no longer cope; it must be said though that training and environment play a great role in the temperament of the dog.

If you want a new dog, look first at a shelter. They have mixed and pure breeds desperately waiting for a new owner.

Your decision to adopt from a shelter is noble but remember a few key points. It is rare for the shelter to have in depth knowledge of the health of the pet, so any existing conditions or potential problems may surface without warning.

The personality of the dog too is somewhat a gamble, so if you have children you might want to study the animal carefully and choose a breed who are tolerant with kids. He may have also gotten into bad habits in his previous house so a little training might be in order.

In addition be prepared to have to do a little dog obedience with your new pet to iron out any bad habits his former owner allowed him to have.

Your new pet might be anxious or hyperactive in the first days and weeks as he gets used to his new circumstances.

Thankfully organizations such as The Humane Society exist to protect animal in the USA. The HQ can be found in Washington DC. Its influence spreads countrywide with regional branches. It relies solely on voluntary contributions.

The Humane Society is the largest organization for animal protection in the USA. Its central offices are based in Washington DC. It works on a local level with many regional branches across the USA. It is funded by donation.

Both domestic and wild animals are in the remit of the work of the Humane Society. It defends animals through the courts, the classroom, the senate, the authorities and more.

You can find many unwanted pets at regional branches, which should be your first place to look for a new pet. There are ways you can aid the Society though.

Adoption is a massive benefit. Fund raising is essential for the work of the organization. Volunteers make up a large part of the workforce.

These are the contributions you can make to the Humane Society. If animal shelters didn’t exist, the fate of unwanted animals would be a lot bleaker. So extend the same humanity to animals as you would expect to receive yourself.

If you have a dog or cat rescue, and would like to be on our list of rescues, please send us a message from the contact page.