Seeing Eye Dog Training

Guide Dogs

Also called guide dogs, seeing eye dogs are the picks of their litters and are highly skilled with acute training.

Guide dogs are usually bred by a non-profit organization but some come as donations from reputable breeders.

Seeing Eye Dog Training

The pups are kept with their mother until they reach eight weeks of age.

They are then tested by the organization for health problems and placed with an approved foster family for their first year of life.

Early Training

The foster family takes care of the puppy’s socialization training, basic commands and its all fun and games until the pup reaches about fifteen to eighteen months of age when they are returned to the guide dog facility and are transformed into guide dogs.

This process takes about six months of rigorous training. The dogs are then placed with their handlers with whom they will work for the rest of their working days.

Working Dogs

Not all dogs born at the facility or donated pass the initial health check. These dogs are found alternate homes for. In addition, not all dogs are cut out for a life of hard work and the dogs that don’t have enough work drive after the initial foster phase are sent to new homes or are sent to work as bomb dogs, search and rescue dogs and hearing dogs.

Most of the seeing eye dogs today are labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and mixes of those two breeds.

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