Strongid Paste & Bulk Horse Wormer

Strongid Paste

Horses that have any of the most common internal parasites such as bloodworms, small strongyles, pinworms, and large roundworms can benefit from the powerful formula of equine dewormer, Strongid Paste. Containing the potent active ingredient Pyrantel Pamoate, this oral medication provides both removal and control of parasite infections.

Effective Horse Wormer

Orally administered Strongid Paste is long lasting and easy to use. Each 20 milliliter tube contains 3.6 grams of Pyrantel Pamoate and includes a special oral dosing syringe. The paste should be placed on the rear section of the horse’s tongue, and if necessary you can raise the horse’s head in order to facilitate swallowing.

Easy to Administer

It is also simple to determine the correct dosage for you horse. The syringe has four marks that each represent 300 pounds of weight. Simply administer the amount of Strongid paste that corresponds with your horse’s weight.

The frequency of dosage varies depending on the age of the horse. For foals 2 to 8 months, administer a dose every 4 weeks. For horses and ponies older than 8 months, administer every 6 weeks. Pregnant horses should be dosed both 1 month prior to foal birth and 10-14 days after foal birth.

Strongid Bulk Wormer

As an alternative to the paste form, Strongid comes in two bulk forms: C 2X Equine Dewormer and C Equine Dewormer. Both contain pyrantel tartratethe, the same powerful active ingredient that is found in the paste form. C 2X and C Equine Dewormers can both be administered as either a top-dress or mixed in with their regular grain.

The dosage for C 2X is 0.5 oz for every 250 pounds of body weight. For C Dewormer the dosage is 1 oz for every 250 pounds of body weight. Both of these forms of Strongid can be safely administered to foals as young as 2-3 months of age and are safe during both pregnancy and lactation.

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