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To remove tough, persistent tear stains from the inside out, try Angels Eyes Tear Stain Remover for dogs and cats. Angels Eyes is a supplement that works by treating the cause of the stains using a combination of beef liver and tylosin.

This powerful tear stain remover works by causing a decrease in the circulation of photosensitive pigments in your pet’s system. These pigments are naturally occurring compounds in dogs and cats that create the unsightly rust colored stains that can keep your white-furred pet from looking its best.

Angel Eyes, unlike other cat or dog tear stain remover, can also help prevent the infections that can cause an increase in staining and tearing.

For best results, Angels Eyes tear stain remover should be used daily for 3-5 weeks.

Diamond Eye

For cleaning unsightly tear stain removal from white-furred pets, the trusted brand is the original Vitacoat Diamond Eye Tear Stain Remover. This topical solution is suitable for all dog breeds and can easy be applied around the affected areas with either a cotton swab or a cotton ball.

Vitacoat Diamond Eye can safely be used every day, and for especially persistent stains can be used up to three times per day. Diamond Eye is preferred among professionals and exhibitors and has been a favorite tear stain remover for over 40 years. Vitacoat Diamond Eye for dogs can also be used as a safe and effective furrow cleaning solution.

Tear Stain Treatments

Unsightly tear stains can hide the natural beauty of your dog or cat’s fur, keeping them from looking their best. There are two main ways of dealing with this problem: cleaning the fur and preventing the tear stains from occurring in the first place. Angels Eyes is a supplement that works by treating the cause of the stains using a combination of beef liver and tylosin. Vitacoat Diamond Eye is a topical cleanser and tear stain remover that safely and thoroughly removes built up tear stains and can also lighten up the area near the eyes on dogs or cats with light-colored fur. Vitacoat Diamond Eye is a topical tear stain treatment.

ClearQuest Eyewipes

The smart folks at ClearQuest have created Eyewipes, which are suitable for cats and dogs. They are designed for use on the outer eyelids and eye area. Safe, effective and convenient, they can be used to gently remove dried mucus, discharge and tear stains from the eye area.

The benefits Clearquest Eyewipes are multifold – cleaning the area will remove any stains for shows, it will reduce the chance of eye infection or could be used to clear debris away from the eye, and it’s a handy product to keep in your pack while hiking with your dog. Best of all it doesn’t require rinsing. Clearquest Eye Wipes come in packs of 100 and contain Deionized Water UV Sterilized, Cocamido Propyl Betaine, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben and Boric Acid. Be careful of course not to touch the actual eyeball with the wipe as this could irritate your pet.

Whether you are a show dog breeder or just the proud owner of a fine looking dog, you will want to keep your dog in tip top condition, including avoiding white fur stains. Excess tearing caused by low grade bacterial infections can be one. Those reddish brown stains on a West Highland or other white dog’s faces are caused by Red Yeast which will flourish in these damp, overtearing areas.

Other explanations include blocked tear ducts, ear infections, genetics, allergies, a high mineral content in the water, diet and fleas. Some recommend dry all-natural kibble without added food color, preservatives and additives, which they claim keeps the face cleaner. Others swear by making their Maltese or Westie drink only mineral water. If you don’t want to go to these lengths but do need a helping hand in cleaning up your white-furred friend, try one of these products.

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