Tracking Dog Training · Search & Rescue

Dogs and Hounds

Search and rescue dogs use a method of tracking to find people. Hounds use scent tracking to look for their prey.

Breeds and Noses

In either method of tracking, the dog is what counts. With the right training any breed of dog can be used to track any scent, although breeds like the bloodhound have the best noses for tracking.

Even your family pet with the right training and patience can be taught to find certain objects within your home.

Tracking Trials

In tracking trials, dogs gain titles for their ability to track. Unfortunately, most times dogs in these trials must be purebred. Dogs are tested on an aged scent, anywhere from half an hour to five hours old.

The tracking trials also have shorter and longer trails for dogs with different experience from 440 to 1000 yards long and these trails range from urban to rural areas so as to make it harder for the dogs to find the scent.

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