Vetrin Canine Aspirin For Dogs


The benefits of aspirin in humans have long been known, but Vetrin Canine Aspirin, manufactured by Farnam, allows you to extend these benefits to your beloved pet. This great tasting, chewable aspirin is easy to administer and is available in two dosage sizes for your convenience.

Vetrin Canine Aspirin

Vetrin Canine Aspirin can be safely and effectively used to treat a variety of symptoms in your dog. Whether he or she suffers from pain, injury, or stiffness, Vetrin can provide quick and effective relief so that your dog can enjoy itself without worrying about the effects of pain and discomfort.

Vetrin for Dogs

If your dog suffers from chronic conditions such as various forms of arthritis or the all too common hip dysplasia, then Vetrin Canine Aspirin can provide relief and restore quality of life. It is also useful in the management of the pain and inflammation that is associated with various kinds of surgery, joint problems, and muscle strain.

Because Farnam knows that dogs won’t enjoy a bad tasting medication, even if it’s good for them, they have formulated Vetrin Canine Aspirin to have a highly palatable roast beef flavor that any dog will love. This means that while you know you’re giving your dog the gift of pain and inflammation relief, he or she will think they’re receiving a well-deserved treat.

Vetrin Chewables

Vetrin Canine Aspirin is available in bottles containing 100 roast beef flavored chewable tablets. Available dosage sizes are 100 mg and 325 mg. Choose the size that’s right for your dog. It is recommended that you administer between 8 and 12 mg of aspirin twice per day for every pound of body weight. Be sure to consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns regarding the regular administration of aspirin to your dog.

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