Zymox Otic for Dogs 1.25, 8 Oz Bottle Ear Cleanser w/ Hydrocortisone

Zymox for Dogs

Zymox OTIC Solution is made for the treatment of dogs that suffer from acute and/or chronic external ear inflammation. Whether it is caused by bacteria, viral infections, or yeast infections, Zymox OTIC Solution cleans and medicates the affected areas with just one dose.

Hydrocortisone (1.0 %)

The special blend Lactoperoxidase system plus Lysozyme and Lactoferrin combine to form a powerful defense against otitis externa and help to provide quick relief to your dog. Zymox Solution comes in two separate formulas, one containing Hydrocortisone (1%) and one without Hydrocortisone.

How To Apply Zymox Otic

To use Zymox Solution, simply fill your dog’s ear canal and massage it into the area that has been infected. Make sure to be gentle because the infected areas can often be extra sensitive to pain. When finished, let your dog shake its head in order to free the ear canal of any excess solution. Treat one time per day for 7 days for acute infections. For chronic infections treat once daily for 14 days.

Zymox also comes in a special cream formula that is available both with and without Hydrocortisone. This topical cream is made especially for the treatment of skin infections such as atopic dermatitis, acute moist pyoderma, fold pyoderma and others.

Zymox Cream can be applied twice per day for up to 2 weeks. A spray version of Zymox is available as well for the treatment of skin infections that are caused by scrapes and cuts. A version with Hydrocortisone (1%) is available to cut down on the swelling of infected areas. Finally, Zymox Wipes are available for quick and easy treatment.

Zymox For Dog Ear Problems

Zymox is ideal if your dog is currently suffering from chronic or acute external ear inflammation, or if your dog is prone to these types of infections. Start your pet on Zymox OTIC Solution right away, and take the first step toward permanent relief for dog ear problems.

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